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College Park

Georgetown, DE

This large, multi-use project sits at the corner of Rt. 113 and Rt 18/404, across from Delaware Technical and Community College in Georgetown. This site encompasses a variety of separate projects including Sun Behavioral Health Center, Beebe Medical Center, JD Shuckers, La-Red Health Center, shopping center row of retail stores,  Hilton Tru Hotel, stormwater management ponds, internal roads, and infrastructure.

JD Shuckers

Pictured here is the site occupied by the restaurant JD Shuckers Georgetown, which required erosion and sediment control, clearing and stripping of topsoil, creation of a fill ditch, rough grading of topsoil and seeding; DelDOT entrance improvements along Rt. 18, stormwater bioretention area, removal and replacement of curbs and sidewalks. Installation of a grease trap, sanitary sewer piping, storm drain pipes, water lines and fire hydrants; installation of parking lot concrete sidewalk, islands, truncated domes, dumpster pads, paving, signage and striping; installation of an infiltrator bed; Biden Avenue realignment required removal of existing curbs, hot mix, sewer lines and manholes, dewatering, installation of new sewer lines and laterals, installation of water lines, replacement of curbs and restored hot mix patching.

Sun Behavioral

Sun Behavioral is a mental health facility in College Park along Rt. 18. The scope of work included erosion and sediment control, clearing and grubbing of the site, stormwater management pond with excavation and embankment, construction of the parking lot, which included paving, striping, and sidewalks.


This was a rush job to meet critical demands to complete utility installation for this 90 room hotel. The scope of work included the installation of stormwater piping, sanitary sewer lines, grease trap, water service and fire line, followed by the construction of the parking lot, which included the base, paving, striping, and signage.

Included in this project:

  • Erosion Control
  • Excavation
  • Embankment
  • Topsoiling
  • Storm Drain
  • Water and Sewer
  • Curbing
  • Parking Lot
  • Stormwater Pond
  • Sidewalks