Plantation Lakes Water Main | Millsboro, Delaware

  • Project Type: Residential

Project Breakdown

Installation of one (1) standard construction entrance, 800 lineal feet of standard silt fence, 300 lineal feet of super silt fence, clearing for water line installation, installation of 35 lineal feet of 4” water line, 1,120 lineal feet of 8” water line, 2,500 lineal feet of 12” water line, one (1) 4” valve and box, nine (9) 8” valve and boxes, thirteen (13) 12” valve and boxes, six (6) fire hydrant assemblies, installation of two (2) blow-off assemblies, a 400 LF directional water line bore, stabilization of all pipe trenches up to and including top-soiling and seeding and mulching all disturbed areas of construction.